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Old, rusted, 1950s car abandoned on a dark street in Old Havana.
A cuban driver gives the peace sign while backing up his Pink 1950s Impala.
An aerial view of Lester's pink 1950s Chevy Impala convertible.
A man walks down a street in Old Havana in front of a 1950s American automobile.
A view from the highway of a Cuba sign in front of the Hotel Nacional de Cuba.
A teenage boy looks through a fence at the camera from a basketball court.
A young woman wearing a red Santa hat stands before a wall with colorful artwork plastered on it.
A girl holds on tight to a man on the back of a moving bicycle.
A view of a narrow street in Old Havana taken from a balcony.
A photo of El Capitolio in Havana.
Cubans walk by a large old building in Plaza Christo.
A woman points to a man in a government fruit stand.
A man sits in a government store with empty shelves.
A street sign "San Ignacio" hangs on a wall of brightly colored peeling paint.
A man and woman pose in front of a large building with an outline of Che Guevara on it.
A woman stands before a very large photograph of human feet.
An old blue 1950s Chevy is illuminated in a dark alleyway by lights from the Capitolio.
A black and white photo of a woman on a telephone in a coffee shop looking at the camera.
A woman in traditional Cuban clothes walks alone on a cobblestone plaza.
A woman with her arm around a man leads him through a doorway in Havana.
The street where our apartment was located in old Havana.
An old gate is painted with green and red images of a cowboy and woman in the style of Picasso.
Across the street from Fuster's home are residential buildings covered in mosaics.
A view looking down at colorful mosiacs on the grounds of Fuster's studio home.
Two men sit outside a home covered in mosaics, while a woman stands behind a wrought iron gate.
A close up of a house covered in mosaics which features a large white bird over an entrance gate with the words "Princesa Diana."
A sculpture of a woman with her arms in the air covered in black and blue mosaics.
A woman stands in front a giant red heart made out of mosaics, while a man climbs up stairs of mosaics behind her.
The bottom of a swimming pool features a woman's face in the style of Picasso.
A statue of a man with flower pedals coming out of his head is covered in red, black, green and yellow mosaics.
Overlapping mosaic statues includes a large red box with a yellow face on it.
A closeup of a large red box with a yellow face on it.
Mosaic statue of a face with a yellow hat.
A man and a woman pose outside the gates of Fuster's home which is covered in mosaic images.
A wooden sculpture of a narrow face in the style of Picasso with Fuster's signature.
A photo of Playa Larga, one of two beaches that were invaded on the Bahía de Cochinos (Bay of Pigs).
Small waves hit the sand at sunset.
An airplane with a propeller outside a single-story building where the Bay of Pigs Museum is housed.
A woman sits at a desk at the entrance of the museum before a wall plastered with black and white photos of soldiers and a defiant Fidel Castro.
A large white memorial is covered in about 170 gold plaques with the names of Cuban soldiers who died in the Bay of Pigs invasion.
A closeup of a propeller plane with the "Museo Giron" sign outside the museum.
A man smiles as he welcomes a visitor to the museum.
A tank can be seen between window blinds.
A profile photo of a young Fidel Castro next to a description written in Spanish.
Artillery weapons on display inside the museum.
In a room labeled "Heroes de Giron" are black and white headshots of those who fought to defend the island.
A large propeller plane with souvenir stands in the background.
A darkened beach with black water and an orange sunset.
A white table with a red table cloth on the sand on the beach.
A man rides a bike down a narrow street with single-story homes and 1950s cars.
The Casa Mesa guest house features a funny-looking statue of a topless woman wearing only a red bikini bottom.
The shadow of the photographer can be seen on the street in front of a side view of a blue and white 1950s American car.
A waiter wearing a white shirt and black bow tie gives a thumbs up for the camera as he smiles.
A closeup of a cellphone photo of two Cuban baseball players.
A street shot of a 1950s American car with a horse and buggy in the background.
A horse-drawn cart on a narrow road.
A large sun casts bright light over water with a couple of small boats.
The sunset casts an orange glow over a dark sea with a shapely silhouette of a woman lying in the sand.
Small waves break on the shore just before sunset.
A woman stands in the water with a boy and dog in the late afternoon light.
A painted aqua and yellow sign on a building reads "Bahia de Cochinos."
People stroll near the shoreline on the beach at sunset.
A silhouette of a palm tree with an orange sunset in the background.
A blurry photo of an orange sunset over dark blue water looks like an impressionist painting.
A silhouette of a palm tree with coconuts at sunset.
People exercise on the beach at sunset.
The orange sunset casts a purple glow on people walking on the shoreline.
BAY OF PIGS PHOTO GALLERY: Americans hear Bay of Pigs and they think of the failed 1961 invasion of Cuba by Cuban exiles backed by the U.S.
Ten women dressed in outfits made from red umbrella covers pose on a deck.
A young woman dressed as a red lobster walks the runway, on grass, outside.
A woman dressed as a red lobster poses as a crowd in the background applauds.
A woman dressed as a red lobster poses before the crowd.
Umbrella Cover Museum founder Nancy 3. Hoffman, dressed in red, receives a hug after the show.
A model walks past others playing a flute-like instrument.
Three people pose holding small colorful umbrellas.
Two mothers dance with their daughters on the grass.
A model wearing an outfit made from red umbrella covers walks by the audience, seated at picnic tables.
Three accordionists play on stage behind a singer.
A narrow view of a boat perched on top of a wave on the backshore in Maine.
A narrow view of a truck on a backshore road.
A narrow view of a house at sunset on a beach in Maine.
A narrow view of people standing on rocks by the ocean.
Grafitti-covered bunker opening with a tire swing in the middle.
Colorful grafitti with "Maine" and "Kindbud Halt" written.
A house at sunset on the water in Maine.
A cloud in the shape of a whale's tale over the water in Maine.
A woman and boy walk a dog on the beach at sunset.
A blue hue overpowers a beach scene in Maine.
A church lit up at night.
Black and white photo of a ferry passing by in Maine.
Bicyclists ride toward two people sitting at the edge of a rocky shore in Maine.